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Bonnie Hoffstot


Bonnie Hoffstot

Customer Service manager

Bonnie, who happens to be Ryan's mother, has been an integral part of the Farmers Insurance family since 1984. As the initial point of contact when you call, Bonnie's welcoming voice has been a constant for decades. With nearly four decades of experience in the insurance industry under her belt, she stands as one of the preeminent customer service representatives nationwide.
In her role, Bonnie handles the crucial task of managing our commercial certificates, a responsibility that she fulfills with unparalleled expertise. Additionally, her adeptness extends to providing assistance with endorsements and facilitating payment requirements, showcasing her versatile skill set and commitment to ensuring a seamless experience for our valued clients.
Bonnie's enduring dedication, bolstered by her extensive tenure in the field, sets a remarkable standard for customer service. Her unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with her breadth of knowledge, make her an invaluable asset to both our team and the clients she serves. Through her contributions, Bonnie has truly personified the essence of exceptional customer care in the insurance realm.

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